October 23 - 25, 2015
Friday - 6 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Saturday - 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday - 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Guests will appear all three days, unless otherwise noted!
Guest appearances are tentative, subject to availability.
Recently added names in RED.


It has been brought to our
attention that a number of guests are telling
fans at the show that Chiller Theatre
makes them charge for autographs
& photos with them.

This is untrue! Chiller Theatre
does not make money from the Guests
signing at their tables, so we have no
need to tell them that.

If a guest tells you this during
the show PLEASE tell a Senior Staff
member or the Show Owner IMMEDIATELY
so we may confront the individual.

Thank you.

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Herschell Gordon

(The Godfather of Gore)
Blood Feast
Two Thousand Maniacs
The Wizard of Gore
Color Me Blood Red

Sybil Danning
Battle Beyond the Stars
Chained Heat
Reform School Girls
Amazon Women
on the Moon

Richard Thomas
"John Boy"
The Waltons
All Quiet on the
Western Front
TV's The Americans

Ron Ely
Doc Savage: Man Of Bronze
Night Of The Grizzly
The Aquanauts
The Fiend That Walked
The West

Ace Frehley
Legendary "Rock & Roll
Hall of Fame" Guitarist
Ace Frehley's Comet
Ace Frehley Band

Ian Ziering
Sharknado (all 3)
Beverly Hills 90210
The Celebrity Apprentice
Dancing With The Stars
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Paul Sorvino
Goodfellas, Nixon
I, The Jury
The Rocketeer
Dick Tracy, The Stuff
Panic in Needle Park
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P.J. Soles
Halloween, Carrie
Rock N' Roll High School Stripes
Private Benjamin

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Linda Henning
Petticoat Junction
Beverly Hillbillies

Gunilla Hutton
Petticoat Junction
Hee Haw, Fantasy Island
The Love Boat
Love American Style

Lori Saunders
Petticoat Junction
Beverly Hillbillies
Dusty's Trail
Green Acres
Ozzie & Harriet

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Barbi Benton
Hee Haw
Playboy Model & Covergirl
Recording Artist
Fantasy Island
Death Stalker

Misty Rowe
Hee Haw, Happy Days
Fantasy Island
Goodbye Norma Jean
National Lampoon's
Class Reunion
When Things Were Rotten

Lulu Roman
Hee Haw
The Love Boat
Gospel Singer/Songwriter
Gospel Hall of
Fame Inductee

Veronica Cartwright
Alien, The Birds
The Right Stuff
Leave It To Beaver
Witches of Eastwick

Brooke Smith
The Silence of the Lambs
Grey's Anatomy
Ray Donovan
"First Convention Appearance"

Barbara Crampton
From Beyond
You're Next
Chopping Mall
We are Still Here

Richard Herd
Star Trek Voyager
Star Trek TNG
All The President's Men
China Syndrome Quantum Leap

M.C. Gainey
Django Unchained
Justified, Con Air
Beerfest, The Mentalist

Lee Majors
Six Million Dollar Man
The Fall Guy
Big Fat Liar
The Big Valley

Rutanya Alda
The Deer Hunter
Amityville II:
The Possession
When A Stranger Calls
Mommie Dearest
The Dark Half
You Don't Know Jack

Brenda Strong
Starship Troopers
The Craft, Red Dragon
Twin Peaks, Spaceballs
Desperate Housewives


Man From Atlantis
Doogie Howser M,D.

Trina Parks
Diamonds Are Forever
Night Gallery
The Muthers
Immortal Kiss: Queen
of the Night

Piper Laurie
Carrie, Ruby
Twin Peaks
The Faculty
The Hustler

Nancy Allen
Carrie, Robocop
Dressed To Kill
Poltergeist III
Strange Invaders
Blow Out

Geri Reischl
The Brady Bunch
Variety Hour
Brotherhood of Satan
I Dismembered Mama
The Meat Puppet

Stephen McHattie
300, Watchmen
Fringe, Pontypool
Beauty and the Beast
Look Look What Happened
to Rosemary's Baby

Robert MacNaughton
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Laugh, Killer Laugh
I Am Cheese
The Electric Grandmother

Bianca Hunter
The Fighter
Bad Lieutenant
Chelsea Walls
Laugh, Killer Laugh

Noel Guglielmi
Furious 7
Fast and the Furious
The Walking Dead
The Dark Knight Rises
Training Day
The Purge: Anarchy

Mackenzie Lintz
Under The Dome
The Hunger Games
Drop Dead Diva
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Madison Lintz
The Walking Dead
Parental Guidance
It's Supernatural
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John James
Dynasty, The Colbys
All My Children
As The World Turns

Kim Richards
Real Housewives
of Beverly Hills
Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
Escape to Witch Mountain
Return From Witch Mountain
Nanny and the Professor
Tuff Turf, Meatballs Part II
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Lee Montgomery
Burnt Offerings
The Midnight Hour
Million Dollar Duck

Martin Stephens
Village of the Damned
The Innocents
The Witches
The Hellfire Club

Ike Eisenmann
Escape to Witch Mountain
Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan
Race to Witch Mountain
Howl's Moving Castle
Little House on the Prairie

Lisa Loring
The Addams Family
"Wednesday Addams"
Halloween With The
New Addams Family

Tiffinni Saint Ranae
Actress, Musician
Author, Artist
Something about Mary

Bill Mumy
Lost In Space
Babylon 5
The Twilight Zone
Barnes & Barnes
Bless The Beasts
& Children
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Angela Cartwright
Lost in Space
The Sound of Music
My Three Sons
Make Room For Daddy
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Mark Goddard
Lost In Space
"Major Don West"
Lost In Space (1998)
Strange Invaders
The Detectives
General Hospital
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Marta Kristen
Lost in Space
Lost in Space 1998
Battle Beyond the Stars
Terminal Island
Gemini Affair
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Paul Ehlers
"Madman Marz"
Actor, Writer
Knife Designer Theraphosidae

Gary Sales
Co-Producer Co-Writer

Tom Candela
(aka Jimmy Steele)

Michael Sullivan
Sex With Robots

Harriet Bass

Antonio Fargas
Starsky & Hutch
"Huggy Bear"
Sucker Punch
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
Foxy Brown
Everybody Hates Chris

Toni Hudson
Just One of the Guys
Leatherface TCM 3

Barbara Leigh
Original Vampirella
Terminal Island
Pretty Maids All
In A Row
The Student Nurses

Chris Marquette
The Girl Next Door
Freddy Vs Jason
Alpha Dog

Ray Mercer
1988 Gold Medalist
Former Heavyweight
World Boxing Champion

Conrad Brooks
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Glen or Glenda
The Sinister Urge
Ed Wood
Conrad Brooks VS the

Crystal Lowe
Black Christmas
Final Destination 3
Smallville, Insomnia

Brian Bonsall
Family Ties, Mikey
Star Trek: TNG
Blank Check
Mother Goose:
Rock & Rhyme

Don Jamieson
VH1 Classic's
'That Metal Show'

Professional Wrestler
WWE Smackdown
Pacific Blue, Cougar Club
The Surreal World

Ricky Steamboat
"The Dragon"
former NWA
World Champion
former WWF
Intercontinental Superstar

Howard Finkel
WWE Hall of Fame
Ring Announcer
(Sat and Sun)

Lanny Poffo
former WWF WCW

Andrew Anderson
"The Reinforcer"
Pro Wrestler, Actor
Good Friday, A Mob Comedy
Creepy Tales
Skittles & Dorritos
Behind The Ropes

Greg Valentine
"The Hammer"
Pro Wrestler
WWE Hall of Fame
Behind the Ropes

Nasty Boys
Brian Knobs & Jerry Sags
former AWA, WWE &
WCW tag champions

Rob Van Dam
Former WWE &
TNA Superstar
Multi Time World Champion

Nick Kisella
Darque & Obscure
The Beasts and
the Walking Dead
Lilith's Apple

Deana Demko
Sheriff Tom vs
The Zombies
Ironbound Vampire
Requiem for a

Darian Caine
Warriors of the
Fist of the Vampire

Cortlandt Hull
Documentary Film Maker
Creator of Witch's
Dungeon Movie Museum

Bill Diamond
Bill's Monster TV
The Muppets, Sesame Street
Fraggle Rock

Dennis Dunaway
Original Bassist for the
Alice Cooper band
Rock & Roll Hall Of
Fame Inductee
Author 'Snake! Guillotines!
Electric Chairs!'
Blue Coupe

Michael Bruce
Original Guitarist for the
Alice Cooper band
Rock & Roll Hall Of
Fame Inductee

Neal Smith
Original Drummer for the
Alice Cooper band
Rock & Roll Hall Of
Fame Inductee

Ace Von Johnson
Faster Pussycat
Lead Guitarist

Alan Robert
Life Of Agony
Killogy Comics

Ted A. Bohus
Deadly Spawn
This Thing of Ours

Kadrolsha Ona
Queen of the Paranormal

Sara Karloff
Daughter of
Boris Karloff

Victoria Price
Daughter of
Vincent Price
Edward Scissorhands

Gary Sohmers
King of Pop Culture
Antiques Roadshow
Dinosaur Rock

Rob Bruce

AMC's "Comic Book Men"
on-air expert &
consulting Producer

Joseph D'Angeli
NJ's Batman!

Ryan Scott Weber
Pretty Fine Things
Zombies Incorporated
Sheriff Tom Vs.
The Zombies

John Skerchock
Horror author
Zacherley scribe

Richie Scarlet
The Emperor Of
Rock & Roll
Frehley's Comet

Bobby Steele
The Misfits
The Undead

Danny Horboychuk
Dry Kill Logic

Gene Cornish
lead guitarist
The Rascals/Young Rascals
Rock & Roll Hall Of
Fame Inductee

Peppy Castro
Guitar/vocals with
The Blues Magoos
Barnabye Bye
Jay & The Americans

Ralph Scala
Keyboards/Vocals with
The Blues Magoos
"We Ain't Got Nothing Yet"

Cheetah Chrome
Dead Boys
Rocket From
The Tombs
Batusis guitarist

Jimy Sohns
lead singer of
The Shadows of Knight

Carmine Appice
Vanilla Fudge, Cactus
Beck, Bogart & Appice
The Rod Stewart Band
Drum Wars
(Friday Only)

Gary DeCarlo
lead singer of Steam
"Na Na, Hey Hey,
Kiss Him Goodbye"

Gianna Michaels
Pirhanna 3D

Sophie Dee
Haunted House 2
The Hungover Games
The Sport Magazine
Hustler / Penthouse

Alexis Amore
The 5th Wheel
Good Guys Finish last
Rock and Roll Movie
Playboy TV and Radio
Hustler / Scores

Monica Leigh
March 2006
Playmate Covergirl
Water Wars
Girls Next Door

Ciara Price
November 2011
Playmate Covergirl
5X Playboy
Cover Girl
Maxim Model

Shannon James
May 2007 Playmate
Merc Force

Jennifer Pershing
March 2009 Playmate
Of The Month
Girls Next Door
Playboys Beach House

Nikki Ziering

Playboy cover girl 1997
Price is Right model
American Wedding
Spring Break, Gold Diggers
Im a Celebrity
Get me out of Here
2004 Lingerie Bowl

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